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Extension to Abstracts Deadline - now 26th April!

Friday 09/04/2021

We have already had a good handful of interesting abstracts in so thank you to those that have submitted so far. For anyone who was considering submitting but felt a bit pushed for time, we'd like to extend the submission deadline by 2 weeks, to Monday 26th April. See the 'Call For Abstracts' page for more details. 


Plenty of time now to tell the CMAS community all about the great work you're doing so keep those abstract submissions coming!

Tickets now just £50!

Thursday 31/03/2021

We have some good news - we have made the decision to reduce the registration fee of the CMAS 2021 conference!


When starting to plan this conference it was initially as per usual and we had researched and provisionally booked an actual venue. The global pandemic then hit and plans changed. We decided to err on the side of caution and go virtual - a whole new organisational ballgame. However, we also considered that we may be able to have several local hubs where people could possibly gather to 'watch' the conference live together to allow some networking, should the guidelines (many months ahead at this point) permit. This would have involved room hire costs and refreshments.


We therefore costed the conference accordingly, to ensure we could meet these costs if necessary. It is now clear that local hubs are not going to be permitted, and so we will not incur these additional costs. We therefore feel it only right that we reduce the registration fee accordingly.


Registration will now be £50 for all participants, and there will be no early bird deadline. However, registration will close on Wednesday 26th May to allow us to manage the distribution of conference e-booklets and allocation of timings for visiting the exhibitors in virtual breakout spaces. Those who have already paid, many thanks to you all for committing to the event, you will be contacted individually to organise the relevant refund.


Please note that the conference fee does include CMAS membership (worth £25) and only those registered will receive CMAS membership and a certificate of attendance. It is important for CMAS to maintain membership numbers to support our ongoing work. All funds raised (once conference expenses are paid) go directly to CMAS, to help with future events, the auditing process and research grants.


Please do get in touch via  if you have any queries in relation to this, and apologies for any confusion or disruption this causes.